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Viewing homes

With many of our clients we have see the perfect home on our first time viewing homes. Most of the time this creates a problem, because most people think that there is even something better out there, even though they keep coming back to the first house they saw.  But, by the time they decide to act on that perfect house, it's sold to someone else.  It will take weeks or even months before we find an equivalent home as the perfect home we saw on our first visit.  We will never push our clients to purchase a certain property, our job is to facilitate for you.  We are listening to your preferences with every property you see, and will find your perfect home.  We review your plans and goals, and help you prepare financially and emotionally, so that when we do find your dream home, you will be ready to act with confident.


Here are some things to look for when viewing a home:

  • General upkeep - is the home dirty or cluttered? Are the lawns uncut? If the owner hasn't bothered to keep the house looking clean and attractive, what problems could be hiding below the surface?
  • Water leaks undermines foundations, and leads to mould and mildew. Re-shingling a house or repairing a cracked foundation to stop water leaks can be very expensive.  It takes an expert eye to find many water leaks, so a professional home inspector to do a home inspection upon purchasing. Though I've personally toured and inspected thousands of homes over the last 25 years, and even though Sellers are contractually obligated to disclose and and all problems in their homes that they know about, nothing can replace the expert opinion of a qualified home inspector.

Inspectors can spot problems that even I would never find and they can usually advise you on how much it will cost to make the repairs, which is great to know so you can plan your budget. A home inspection can help you determine whether or not to make an offer on a house, and if you decide to go ahead, just how much that offer is going to be.

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